As my Friday night plans fall through, I find myself sitting on the couch while Anaya contently plays around the house. I’m a bit bummed that I’m not out enjoying the night with girlfriends but again it’s’ nice to just sit , relax, and watch TV. What do you know, Coyote Ugly, one of my all time favorite movies to watch is playing on cable. I’m not that bummed out anymore!

While watching and reciting line of the movie, I admire Violet Sanders or “Jersey” for knowing she overcomes her fears of stage fright. She’s great! She follows her feelings, does what she thinks is best, and in the end achieves her dreams. I’m sitting here admiring her because her path and story is what I want to achieve. No, I’m not going to go to New York and work as a dancing and singing ‘coyote’ at a bar but I am going to find ways to do what I want ; beauty, fashion. Like Violet, I just need to find the first step and go without an hesitation. She went against her father, left Jersey with little money, no job, and minimal music equipment. Step by step here people because I don’t even have the courage to tell my dad I want to do makeup and go to cosmetology school. Ugh, i know – frustrating. I took one small step into telling my  ‘o so supporting’ mother but she instantly shot me down. My parents are so hung up on me going for nursing degree. Granted, it’s a much more fitting place to be for a career to support Anaya but geebers , I can’t even pass anatomy!

I’ve come to a conclusion that my stage fright comes from my parents and refuse to disappoint them. But I need to be happy too , right ? Can I please get Violet to mentor me in her ways. I need her ballsy attitude and tell people I am going to be what I want and not what they want. With watching the movie you’ll see that Violet has a cute support system in her boyfriend. Thank goodness that I have a few also! With my own supportive boyfriend and a few other family members that think I should put aside nursing to put first what I really want, one of my biggest supports is my auntie Kim! She tells me how it is, where I need to improve, and forget what people say. We’re both trying to achieve our passions and getting over insecurities together and I honestly wouldn’t have asked for anyone else to go through this journey with. Shout outs to you girl ! I Love you !

Violet’s stage fright includes her being afraid of singing in front of people. My stage fright includes not being comfortable as a makeup artist or hair stylist. Whenever Violet sings alone, she has fun and you can see the passion in her song writing. Whenever I do my own hair and makeup I actually feel pretty and I also have fun while in the whole getting dolled up process. Our problem is knowing we have potential in what we want but are stuck because we are afraid of not being accepted. Violet overcame that problem. Fingers crossed that I can too.

This blog had no intentions of being lengthy. It’s a lot easier to see someone afraid of doing something they want and overcoming it. It also gives a little motivation, regardless if it’s just a movie. I love beauty and feeling good about myself. I just want to share that feeling with other people. Makeup isn’t permanent, it shouldn’t be taken seriously. If something makes you feel prettier and confident about yourself why not wear it? Full beat face, just a dab of lipstick, or good eyebrow shading; depending on my mood, makeup makes me feel so much pulled together.  A change in hair color or extension of lashes could change your whole look, but regardless of what you look like, it shouldn’t matter .. as long as your personality stays true and the same. Making people feel comfortable, open, and beautiful about themselves is really all I want to achieve while doing hair and makeup. I love looking at people comfortable being themselves, in their own style!

Baby , stop growing !

Like every Thursday , everyone throws up their ‘Throwback Thursday’ pictures on ever social network. I know you guys know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to avoid. I can’t help but to always look at Anaya’s baby pictures (like an obsessive mom that I am, I do it everyday .. shhh, don’t tell nobody). Life has been flying by with no speed limit, it should be illegal! Anaya will be 4 in January, freaking crazy. As days go by I can see little differences on how she’s growing. From her changes in look to her height, vocabulary and even her change in laugh. Her laugh is still cute but it’s not the ‘baby’ one we all love. Regardless, even til today she still assures me that she’ll always be my baby girl. ♥



Disney on Ice ; It’s a Celebration


Disney on ice ! Disney on ice ! Disney on ice ! I couldn’t tell you who gets more excited this time of year .. my daughter or me ? Me , of course ! Ok , fine .. its a tie . As soon as Disney on Ice advertised on TV she immediately turned to me with the most excited smile possible asking when we’re going . This girl has me wrapped around her fingers .. she already knew I was planning it . This year was her second Disney on Ice . Last year she was only 2 years old and was only amused by the princess segment . Repunzel , her BFF from the start . She obviously took Repunzel with her , duhh


How cute can she get !!!? She was so  happy while mom, dad, and grandma’s pockets where crying out for help! That cool little light she is loving was a whopping $28 . Yes , we need to learn  how to say no . But let’s be honest , why wouldn’t you to see that smile ? On top of the cool light toy came with dough boys , cotton candy , chicken nuggets , drinks , and Mickey ears . We couldn’t leave this experience without Mickey ears . I love memorable and happy experiences , regardless of expensive toys and gadgets .. I wouldn’t change that night for the world .





This year’s ice show was focused on Celebrations around the world. Birthday, Brazil’s Carnival, Luau, First day of spring in China, Holiday, Halloween, Valentine’s, and even Summer vacation! And how could you forget the Princess’ and their prince charming’s. Princess Jasmine, Ariel, Tiana, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, so on and so on BUT Repunzel ! My baby Anaya almost in tears because Repunzel and Eugine did not show. booooooooooo ! Half way through the show and Anaya wanted nothing to do with it anymore all because her best friend didn’t show up. How could they forget to invite her! As we thought Anaya completely checked out the show .. Disney always comes up with something better. Aloha , Lilo and Stich came to save the day !





Meet my baby girl


January 10 , 2010 at 9:08am at a whopping 8lbs & 21 1/5 inches long , little miss Anaya was born .Now 3 years old & she is the love of my life ! She is such a little diva with an attitude but she is also the sweetest around . I had her at 17 , young I know . But I know it happened for a reason & she honestly made me feel like I had a purpose in life . I named Anaya after my grandmother that passed from pancreatic cancer in 2008 . We use to call my grandmother ‘Nanay’ , I just jumbled the letter around and came up with Anaya . I seen the name before but spelled differently but I knew it was perfSONY DSCect . Her middle name is Annabelle and was also from my grandmother , Annabella . I knew Anaya was special for a reason because a week after I had her I found that her name in Hebrew means “God has answered” . Anaya has showed me that I needed to be happy &move on with life instead of asking “why?” &being mad at the world . Even now Anaya tells me she’s playing with Nanay &she talks to her . I often ask Anaya where my grandmother is or where she went after they have played &Anaya simply replies, “She went home , in the clouds.”  I use to get creeped out about it but it just shows that my grandmother is still with us. I am so blessed to have Anaya ! She is the smartest toddler ISONY DSC know , already independent &stands up for what she wants . She is a hand full but I mean what toddler isn’t? I am glad a have such a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders already . I’m not a perfect parent but she makes it easy , she understand that everything I do is for her . Anaya really is my everything &I can not emphasize that enough . When she hurts , I hurt . When she’s sad , I’m sad . When she’s happy , I’m happy .

At this age Anaya is doing gymnastics at our local YWCA , loving it &I’m so happy she shows excitement to go every week ! She loves drawing , coloring , painting , arts &crafts .. sometimes a bit too much ; she has gotten herself into trouble a few times with drawing “master pieces” on her room walls . She knows how to count to 10 in three different languages ; English , Tagalog , &Khmer . She is always asking about going to school (noooo! ISONY DSC am not ready). Owns a galaxy tablet &kills me with how smart she is when I watch her play different apps &puzzles . Anaya loves to cuddle &I love it even more ! She expresses how much she loves her family . She enjoys going for walks . Enjoys going fishing with her dad . Loves jet skiing . She also likes singing &dancing .

I can go on &on &on about this girl . But I’m sure you guys will see her plastered all over this blog sooner or later . Maybe she’ll warm your hearts as much as she does mine .

Happy Monday , Dianne .